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General Guidelines Content Contribution

Suggestions for content contribution include:

Work that is complete and ready for publication. Check Sherpa/RoMEO for publishers' policies.

  • Submitted or accepted  manuscripts of forthcoming articles.
  • Book chapters

Work that has already been published. Check Sherpa/RoMEO for publishers' policies.

  • Articles as they appear in print (i.e., publisher's PDF), or in lieu of, submitted or accepted  manuscripts.
  • Books
  • Book chapters
  • Technical reports

Conference and workshop presentations

  • Conference papers
  • Conference papers w/PowerPoint presentations
  • Conference posters

Student contributions

  • MIT-WHOI Joint Program Ph.D. or Sc.D. Dissertations, or Master's Theses
  • SEA Cruise Reports
  • WHOI Summer Fellows' written reports

Data sets, including:

  • Images
  • Maps
  • Recordings
  • Videos

Access to content in WHOAS can be embargoed for a limited time period, typically 6-12 months