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Data Management Planning

Many funders such as the National Science Foundation, have requirements for data sharing and data management plans. Plans are typically two pages and provide the reviewers with an idea of the type of data you are expecting to collect, how you are expecting to manage it, and how you will provide access to it in the future. The details of this plan with be quite specific to the methods you use, the standards of your field, and the policies of the funding agency and of your institutional.

DMP Tool

MBL, WHOI, and USGS all have integrated login systems with DMP Tool, a web-based tool to help you build your data management plan that includes step-by-step guidance and information specific to many United States granting agencies and their directorates.

There is a DMP Tool Quickstart Guide to introduce the tool. If you need any help creating a plan with the DMP Tool, you can contact Shanna Smith or refer to the community resources.

If you are interested in creating a customized template for your department or lab, please contact Jen Walton or Shanna Smith.

How do I log in to DMP Tool?

Click on here to be directed to the login page.

  • On the Login page, click the sign in drop down
  • Choose Option 1
  • Begin typing the name of your institution to select it from the list
  • Log in as you usually do for web services

Other Planning Resources

  • DCC– Digital Curation Center Data Management Planning