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Data Services

Data management is integral to modern research, ensuring the accessibility, reusability, and proper storage of valuable data. Our Data Services provide essential resources and tools to help researchers manage their data efficiently throughout its life cycle. One key component is the Data Management Plan (DMP), mandated by various funding agencies. These concise, two-page plans outline your data collection, management strategies, and future accessibility, tailored to the specific standards and policies of your field and funding agency.

To streamline the creation of DMPs, we utilize the DMP Tool, a web-based application that simplifies this process, especially for researchers affiliated with MBL, WHOI, and USGS. It provides step-by-step guidance, integrating requirements from various U.S. granting agencies. Additionally, we offer the option of developing customized templates for departments or labs, ensuring your DMP complies with any unique requirements.

Our services also encompass critical aspects of data preservation, access, and citation. We assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to datasets for accurate citation, enhancing their visibility in publications. For datasets not suited for national or domain-specific repositories, we offer the WHOAS Repository, accepting diverse data types and ensuring their discoverability. We're committed to supporting proper data citation and offer guidelines for linking datasets to publications and tracking their impact. Our team is readily available for consultations or additional information regarding data management resources.