WHOAS Repository Server Upgrades

The MBLWHOI Library completed planned upgrades of the WHOAS repository server, moving it to a new upgraded operating system, with improved security checks and scalable storage capacity. The new server will keep the repository in line with the latest standards for data repositories included in the Core Trust Seal certification community.

These improvements will mean the repository is easier to maintain and more secure. It will also improve the resiliency of the system, improving backup and retrieval processes. We are pleased that the process was completed with limited interruption to service and appreciative of our Systems Librarian, Kirill Batyuk, Repository Librarian, Debbie Roth, and the WHOI IS staff who contributed to this effort.

We look forward to bringing additional improvements to the WHOAS repository over the coming year. Learn more about WHOAS and the Core Trust Seal certification.

by Debbie Roth