Open Access, Open Science Support Tools and Service Highlighted in October

The MBLWHOI Library held two well attended ZOOM lunchtime Open Access programs on October 21st and October 28.  These were the first public Library events held since the start of the 2020 Pandemic. 

The presentations in the first week by librarians Debbie Roth and Matt Person, covered open access publishing tools used by scientist to disseminate their work. The presentations covered tools available in the Woods Hole scientific community as well as those more widely used. Debbie Roth, as manager of the WHOAS local open access repository answered step by step questions about how to publish OA and what tools can be employed to retain control of your published works. The global OA Week theme for 2020 was "Open with Purpose: Taking Action to Build Structural Equity and Inclusion." Matt Person spoke to the history of science publishing and current issues as related to fairness in cost of publishing whether it be article processing charges which individual scientists shoulder or  library subscription charges and new open access models. 

The second week of presentations by librarians Audrey Mickle and John Furfey covered tools and practices and results of opening your valuable data and the exponential impact this can have on your research and that of your peers as well. Audrey talked about the importance of creating and sharing Open Data in the fight for equitable science, as well as how it benefits the data creators. One graphic Audrey showed to illustratethe benefits of making data freely accessible is this FAIR data graphic (via Wikipedia, Author: Sangya Pundir, CC BY-SA 4.0)

graphic via Wikipedia CC BY-SA 4.0 Author Sangja Pundir

John Furfey spoke in depth about the Library's Symplectic Elements system which is a tool that creates dynamic researcher profiles that draws data from the main databases most scientists work is associated with, in addition to the Library's WHOAS Open Access repository.

All four librarians answered questions from attendees after the presentations, and the Library will follow up with additional ZOOM seminars later in the winter. Please watch your Woods Hole calendars and listservs for when the next events are scheduled.

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Open Access Events held:

Wednesday October 21, noon

MBLWHOI Librarians Debbie Roth and Matt Person:

  • Choosing open access for your publishing.
  • Journal subscriptions and the transformative path to open access.

Wednesday October 28, noon

MBLWHOI Librarians Audrey Mickle and John Furfey:

  • Discover and get credit for your open data in Woods Hole.
  • Publishing your open data: How to win friends and influence people.


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