* Directions to the MBL  

    * Map of Woods Hole and Quissett Campus

    * Directions to WHOI



Main Library

The MBL Campus Lillie Building, 2nd floor, is staffed and open to the public 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.  The Library is closed from 11 pm to 7 am everyday.  After-hours use (Mon-Fri 7am-8am and 5pm to 11pm; Sat & Sun 7am-11pm) is available by authorization only.  A Request for After-Hours Access should be submitted to Library Co-Director Jen Walton (jwalton [at] mbl [dot] edu). 


Desks and offices in the stacks of the Main Library are available for rent. Please see rates and application for Library Desk/Office Rental. (508-289-7002)


The Rare Books Room and MBL Archives are available by appointment only. 



WHOI Data Library and Archives

WHOI Quissett Campus McLean Building, 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. Open to the public by appointment only. (508-289-2850)



MBLWHOI Library Herbarium

WHOI Quissett Campus McLean Building WHOI Data Library and Archives
By appointment only. Contact Herbarium Curator, Pam Polloni.  (508-289-4948)



Remote Electronic Access

Limited to authoried users only.